Created by Pingy Animatronic.


While trying to find a worm underground, Clarence believes he has become a worm.




Billy Worm

Susie Worm

George Worm

President Worm

Donald Worm

Generic Worms


Clarence: Ah, what a wonderful day!

(Clarence sees a worm)

Clarence: *gasp* A Worm!

(Clarence runs up to it)

Clarance: I'll call you wormy!

[Wormy wiggles]

Clarence: You're so wiggly!

[Wormy begins to go back underground]

Clarence: Where you going Wormy?

[Wormy is gone]

Clarence: oh no! Don't worry Wormy! I'll find you!

(Clarence digs underground until he falls into some water]

Clarence: Help! I'm droning!

(Someone grabs him)

Clarence: Who are you?

(It's wormy)

Clarence: Wormy! Your so big!

Wormy: No. Your so small.

Clarence: Does that mean what I think it means? I've become a worm! Now we can be friends forever!

(Wormy takes Clarence to the Worm World)